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Ian Govendir

By 2015, 25 million children will have lost one or both parents to AIDS.

It’s the largest unrecognised humanitarian disaster in the world. AIDS not only deprives millions of the poorest children of the love and protection of their parents, the vast majority are left to struggle alone, many with younger siblings to care for, in desperate poverty and with the discrimination and stigma an HIV status brings. Many children are abandoned and often extended family cannot or will not look after them.

At AIDS Orphan we believe every child orphaned by AIDS deserves our love and protection as well as a decent chance in life. If you believe that too, then please join us. We’d love to have your support.



Lulu became an orphan when she was 6. Meningitis left her deaf in both ears, tuberculosis nearly killed her and she is HIV+.

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Pius & Mark

Pius (8) and Mark (6) are brothers. Their mother died of AIDS and their father is in prison. They were left with their grandfather who is very old and sick. 

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Carol lives with her aunt and her three children in a one-room dwelling in Kibera slum in Kenya. The family has just £1.50 a day to survive on.

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